Managing the system that manages your people

HR Manager

HR needs to achieve its aims whilst supporting multiple other units at the same time

Depending upon the structure of an organisation, the HR Manager frequently wears multiple hats due to the multiple stakeholders who need access to HR information.

Usually the primary role is managing the system employed for HR management. The actual process for gathering and holding information about each employee in the organisation. Including processes for updating critical items that can expire with time such as registrations, visas and police checks.

The next role is managing the initial collection and ongoing process for keeping the information held within the HR record up to date. This role involves each individual worker, their manager and the HR department all working together.

Importing individual information from a worker’s OnePassport

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The final role is sharing particular information with key stakeholders such as payroll, rostering and compliance. It is a challenge to both secure the HR information with online backups and redundancies whilst at the same time share it with stakeholders outside of the HR Department.

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