Making sure that everyone has the right skills

Education Manager

In this era of constant change, education is the key to a quality team

With the rate of change in so many areas that impact almost every role within an organisation, education and training is the key to keeping a quality team that has the skills to achieve its goals.

As industries modernise to meet both customer expectations and compliance requirements, there is a blurring of the lines between qualifications such as degrees, diplomas and certificates; certifications such as permits and courses like First Aid; and industry specific short courses that might include mandatory training.

Whereas previously they all moved independently of each other, more and more are there interdependencies between them. Obviously this creates a challenge for the Education Manager who is trying to understand all of the options and which combinations would best suit their organisation.

The key is information.

Ideally the Education Manager can easily access information on who has completed what:



Short Courses

As well as be able to see metrics and and create reports on the status of the workforce. Using specialised education reporting functions to understand the needs of the organisation. Making it easy to see who is eligible for additional education and training opportunities. Including eligibility criteria for government funding for education when available.

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