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It all started with an idea - what if you could cross borders and not have to start again?

We all know that the world is changing but not everything is keeping up with those changes. One of the changes is the flow of people - what we call crossing borders - as most of us move multiple times in our careers between companies, between industries, across state lines and across the world. Sometimes having multiple employers at the same time or in short succession. This is the life we lead these days.

Yet legacy workforce management platforms are not built to handle such flexibility. They are focused on the organisation, the company, and the people come and go from the organisation. They are not designed to support neither the individual or the organisation in today’s world.

They don’t understand the global movement to a mobile workforce.


OnePassport was created looking at this from the other direction. The only stable information in this new world is the individual’s own information. They have their own contact details, qualifications and employment history, background checks, etc. As they move in and out of organisations they choose to associate themselves with that organisation whilst they are there. And organisations do not just mean employers and companies - they can be anything that you wish to connect with. It is your decision.

OnePassport Team

OnePassport was designed and built by a small team of digital nomads. With team members coming from most continents - again, the world we live in.

Their dream was to build something that supported the average person, whatever that means depending upon where you are in the world, to cross borders and not have to start again.

Thank you for joining OnePassport and allowing us to support you. Welcome to the movement.